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Carrillo, Julian

Born: 1875 AD
Died: 1965 AD
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1875 – Born on January 28th in Ahualulco, Mexico. Mexican composer, a leading 20th-century exponent of microtonal music (i.e., music using intervals smaller than a halftone, or half step).

1895 – Carrillo’s interest in microtonal music was stimulated by a class in Mexico on acoustics.

1905 – He held many important music positions in Mexico as composer, conductor, teacher, writer on music, and administrator.

1920 – He began intensive investigations into the possibilities of composing with these microtonal intervals, through sixteenth tones, which he considered the smallest interval listeners could readily hear.

1965 – Died on September 9th in Mexico City.

2.8 (55.38%) 13 votes