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Carranza, Venustiano

Born: 1859 AD
Died: 1920 AD
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1859 – Venustiano Carranza was born on December 29th in Cuatro Ciénagas, Coahuila.

1908 – He became interim state Governor.

1912 – Carranza was appointed Secretary of War and of the Navy in the cabinet formed by Madero, as well as Governor elect of Coahuila.

1913 – Huerta’s betrayal of Madero led him to draw up the Plan of Guadalupe, in which he refused to accept the powers of the dictator.

1915 – Venustiano Carranza assumed the presidency on May 1st.

         – He formed the Constitutionalist Army to lead a rebellion that would restore the constitutional order defined by the Constitution of 1857.

         – Carranza issued the Law of January 6th, which conceived the ejido (collective farm) as compensation for injustice, rather than as a new system of land ownership.

1916 – In September, in an act of great political importance, Carranza summoned a new Constituent Congress.

1918 – On November 1st, the Carranza Doctrine was issued; this document upholds the equality between the states and condemns all intervention in the internal affairs of other nations; it also covers the equivalent of the rights of nationals and of foreigners in the eyes of the law of a given country.

1920 – Carranza was assassinated on May 21st in Tlaxcaltongo, Puebla.

2.8 (56%) 15 votes