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Carr, Emily

Born: 1871 AD
Died: 1945 AD
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1871 – Emily Carr was born in Victoria, British Columbia on December 13th.

1898 – Her first trip to Native villages.

1899 – Carr took up studies at the Westminster School of Art in London. And also attended sketching classes in Cornwall.

1910 – She enrolled in the Academie Colarossi in Paris. It was here that she would break away from her more traditional teachings.

1913 – Carr needed to supplement her income by raising livestock, growing vegetables and making pottery.

1927 – She was invited to Ottawa for an exhibition and met Lawren Harris, who had a profound effect on her and her work. The confidence and encouragement shown by the Group of Seven rekindled her spirit and motivated her to return to painting.

         – Carr also expressed herself in writing. She was encouraged by Lawren Harris and Eric Brown to write about her life and experiences. She took a course in journalism. Her journal entries make reference to her writings.

1931 – Left the Native theme. Her change of focus was likely due to Lawren Harris and Mark Tobey, who both advised her to create art from within herself.

1937-1939 – She had her first heart attack, which was followed by another, a stroke, and another heart attack.

1941-1944 – She published "Klee Wyck", "The Book of Small" and "The House of All Sorts".

1945 – She had ill health through much of her life. She had her final and fatal heart attack on March 2nd.

1946-1966 – Her "Growing Pains", "Pause", "The Heart of a Peacock" and "Hundreds and Thousands" were published. Dilworth points out that her written works were often overlooked in favor of her paintings, when Carr’s primary talent may have been writing.

2.9 (57.78%) 18 votes