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Carr, Emily

Born: 1871 AD
Died: 1945 AD

1871 – Emily Carr was born in Victoria, British Columbia on December 13th.

1898 – Her first trip to Native villages.

1899 – Carr took up studies at the Westminster School of Art in London. And also attended sketching classes in Cornwall.

1910 – She enrolled in the Academie Colarossi in Paris. It was here that she would break away from her more traditional teachings.

1913 – Carr needed to supplement her income by raising livestock, growing vegetables and making pottery.

1927 – She was invited to Ottawa for an exhibition and met Lawren Harris, who had a profound effect on her and her work. The confidence and encouragement shown by the Group of Seven rekindled her spirit and motivated her to return to painting.

         – Carr also expressed herself in writing. She was encouraged by Lawren Harris and Eric Brown to write about her life and experiences. She took a course in journalism. Her journal entries make reference to her writings.

1931 – Left the Native theme. Her change of focus was likely due to Lawren Harris and Mark Tobey, who both advised her to create art from within herself.

1937-1939 – She had her first heart attack, which was followed by another, a stroke, and another heart attack.

1941-1944 – She published "Klee Wyck", "The Book of Small" and "The House of All Sorts".

1945 – She had ill health through much of her life. She had her final and fatal heart attack on March 2nd.

1946-1966 – Her "Growing Pains", "Pause", "The Heart of a Peacock" and "Hundreds and Thousands" were published. Dilworth points out that her written works were often overlooked in favor of her paintings, when Carr’s primary talent may have been writing.