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Carol I

Born: 1839 AD
Died: 1914 AD
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1839 – Carol was born in Sigmaringen on the 20th of April.

1857 – He was attending the courses of the Artillery School in Berlin.

1866 – He accepted the crown of Romania (he was a German officer).

         – On the 10th of May, Karl entered Bucharest.

         – He was elected Domnitor (prince) of Romania in April following the overthrow of Alexander John Cuza.

1877-1878 – He personally led Romanian troops during the Russo-Turkish War.

1883 – Carol had signed a secret treaty which had linked Romania with the Triple Alliance and although the treaty was to be activated only in case of attack from Imperial Russia towards one of the treaty’s members, Carol was convinced that the honourable thing to do was to enter the war supporting the German Empire.

1874 – He died on the 24th of March.

2.8 (56.36%) 22 votes