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Caro, Joseph ben Ephraim

Born: 1488 AD
Died: 1575 AD
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1488 – Joseph ben Ephraim Caro was born in Spain. Spanish-born Jewish author of the last great codification of Jewish law, the Bet Yosef (“House of Joseph”).

1492 – When the Jews were expelled from Spain, Karo and his parents settled in Turkey.

1522 – He was settled in Nikopol and already enjoyed a reputation as one of the foremost rabbinic scholars.

1536 – He emigrated to Safed in Palestine, where he studied the Talmud and systematized the vast body of material produced by post-Talmudic writers.

1575 – Died on March 24th in Safed, Palestine.

2.8 (56.36%) 22 votes