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Carlucci, Frank Charles III

Born: 1930 AD
Currently alive, at 88 years of age.
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1930 – Carlucci was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on the 18th of October.

1952-1955 – He graduated from Princeton University, where he roomed with Donald Rumsfeld, and attended Harvard Business School.

         – He was a naval officer.

1956 – He joined the Foreign Service, working for the State Department.

1961 – He participated in a CIA mission to Congo, in which he used his athletic ability to rescue US citizens from mobs.

1970 – He became Rumsfeld’s protégé. Carlucci was Undersecretary of Health, Education and Welfare when Caspar Weinberger was secretary during the Nixon administration.

1975 – He was US ambassador to Portugal.

1978 – He was deputy director of CIA.

1981 – He was deputy secretary of defense.

1987 – He became Secretary of Defense.

1989 – He was the vice-chairman of Carlyle Group.

1993 – He was chairman of Carlyle Group.

2006 – On the 5th of January, he participated in a meeting at the White House of former Secretaries of Defense and State to discuss United States foreign policy with Bush administration officials

2 (40%) 3 votes