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Born: 1840 AD
Died: 1927 AD
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1840 – She was born on the 7th day of January this year. The only daughter of Léopold I, King of the Belgians by his second wife, Louise-Marie, Princess of France, Charlotte was born at Laeken Palace in Brussels, Belgium.


1850 – When Charlotte was ten years old, her mother died of tuberculosis and Charlotte was entrusted to the Countess of Hulste, a close family friend. Although young, the princess had her own household; but for a few weeks out of the year, Charlotte stayed in Claremont with Maria Amalia and the rest of her mother’s family in exile.


1857 – On the 27th of July of this year, she married Archduke Maximilian of Austria, the idealistic younger brother of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. Charlotte spent several relatively happy years in Italy as Maximilian’s wife while the archduke served as governor of the provinces of Lombardy and Venetia.


1864 – The imperial couple were crowned at the Catedral Metropolitana in this year. They chose as their seat in Mexico City, making their home in the neo-Gothic fantasy castle of Chapultepec. As Empress, Charlotte took the name of Carlota (Spanish for Charlotte). Carlota tried to take her imperial duties seriously, and even undertook a tour of the remote Yucatán frontier, visiting the ruins of Uxmal.


1865 – Carlota and Maximilian had no children, but in this year the imperial couple adopted Agustín de Iturbide y Green and Salvador de Iturbide y de Marzán  grandsons of Agustín de Iturbide y Arámburu, an earlier emperor of Mexico.

1866 – Rumors persist that, in this year, Charlotte was having an affair with Belgian officer Colonel Alfred van der Smissens, and that she gave birth to a son, Maxime Weygand, in Brussels on January 21, 1867.

1927 – She passed away on the 19th day of January in Meise.

2.3 (45.71%) 7 votes