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Cardano, Girolamo

Born: 1501 AD
Died: 1576 AD
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1501 – Born at Pavia on the 24th of September.

1520 – He entered the University of Pavia and later in Padua studied medicine.

1539 – He obtained additional celebrity by the publication of his Practica arithmeticae generalis.

1545 – He published the solutions to the cubic and quartic equations in his book Ars magna.

1547 – He was appointed professor of medicine at Pavia.

1551 – His reputation was crowned by the publication of his great work, De Subtilitate Rerum, which embodied the soundest physical learning of his time and simultaneously represented its most advanced spirit of speculation.

1554 – He had computed and published the horoscope of Jesus.

1576 – Died at Rome on the 21st of September.

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