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Caratheodory, Constantin

Born: 1873 AD
Died: 1950 AD
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1873 – Born on September 13th in Berlin, Germany. German mathematician of Greek origin who made important contributions to the theory of real functions, to the calculus of variations, and to the theory of point-set measure.

1881 – Constantin began his formal schooling at a private school in Vanderstock.

1885 – He attended a grammar school for a year where he first began to become interested in mathematics.

1886-1891 – He entered the high school Athénée Royal d’Ixelles and studied there until his graduation.

1900 – Carathéodory began his study of mathematics at the University of Berlin.

         – Carathéodory entered the University of Berlin in May where Frobenius and Schwarz were professors.

         – He was a trained engineer and was offered a job in the British colonial service. This job took him to Egypt where he worked on the construction of the Assiut dam until April.

1901 – He also visited the Cheops pyramid and made measurements which he wrote up and published.

         – He also published a book Egypt which contained a wealth of information on the history and geography of the country.

1904 – He received his doctorate from Göttingen University for his thesis Über die diskontinuierlichen Lösungen in der Variationsrechnung which he submitted to Hermann Minkowski.

1905 – He remained at Göttingen to write his habilitation thesis Über die starken Maxima und Minima bei einfachen Integralen which he submitted on March 5th.

1908 – Carathéodory went to Bonn where he became a Provatdozent on April 1st.

1909 – He married Euphrosyne Carathéodory in Constantinople.

1910 – Carathéodory was appointed as Professor of higher Mathematics at the Technical University of Hanover, so becoming Stäckel’s successor.

         – He was appointed to the Chair of Higher Mathematics at the Technical University of Breslau.

1914 – Carathéodory had also accepted editorial positions on the boards of two major mathematics journals, the Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo and the Mathematische Annalen.

1918 – He was appointed to the University of Berlin.

1920 – He was appointed as Professor of Analytical and Higher Geometry at the University of Athens.

1921 – He travelled widely through Europe purchasing books and equipment for the new university.

1928 – Carathéodory became the first visiting lecturer of the American Mathematical Society.

1950 – Died on February 2nd in Munich.

3 (59.05%) 21 votes