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Canova, Antonio

Born: 1757 AD
Died: 1822 AD

1757 – Born on the 1st of November at Possagno, an obscure village situated amid the recesses of the hills of Asolo.


1780 – He arrived in Rome on the 28th day of December. It was here he was to perfect himself by a study of the most splendid relics of antiquity, and to put his talents to the severest test by a competition with the living masters of the art.


1787 – Opened the finished monument to public inspection on this year.


1795 – Produced numerous works, which several were repetitions of previous productions.


1798 – He retired in this year, and there he continued for about a year, principally employed in painting, of which art also he had some knowledge.


1802 – He went to Paris to model a bust of the first consul.


1815 – Commissioned by the Pope to superintend the transmission from Paris of those works of art, which had formerly been conveyed thither under the direction of Napoleon.


1816 – Returned to Rome, with the ransomed spoils of his country’s genius.


1819 – He repaired accordingly to Possagno.


1822 – He paid a visit to Naples in May, to superintend the construction of wax moulds for an equestrian statue of the perjured Bourbon king Ferdinand VII. And died on 13th of November.