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Canning, Stratford

Born: 1786 AD
Died: 1880 AD
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1786 – He was born on the 4th of November.

1807 – He was given a minor role in the Foreign Office by his cousin, and was sent on a mission to Denmark later that year.

1812 – Canning became minister-plenipotentiary, and it was Canning who helped mediate the Treaty of Bucharest between the Ottomans and Russia on the 28th of May.

1814 – Canning returned to London later that year, and helped to found the Quarterly Review, and in June was appointed minister-plenipotentiary to Switzerland, where he, along with the other allied representatives, helped negotiate Swiss neutrality and a new Swiss federal constitution.

         – In October he went to Vienna, where he acted as an aid to Lord Castlereagh, the British representative at the Congress of Vienna.

1819 – He was recalled and sent to Washington as Minister-Plenipotentiary to the United States.

1820 – Canning was made a member of the Privy Council.

1823 – Canning returned to London and the next year was sent on a mission to Russia, where he negotiated a treaty on the border between Russian and British North America, but failed to come to any agreement regarding the Greek Revolt.

1825 – Canning was sent to Constantinople once again, this time as Ambassador.

1828 – He and the other ambassadors signed the Poros Protocols, which granted the new Greek state the islands of Crete, Samos, and Euboea.

1831 – Canning attempted to enter British politics, entering the Commons, but was not a particularly notable figure in the Commons.

         – Canning returned again to Constantinople, but returned, disapproving of Palmerston’s lack of consultation with him and the choice of Prince Otto of Bavaria as King of Greece.

1852-1869 – He was made a Knight of the Garter.

         – He was raised to the peerage as Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe.

1880 – He died on the 14th of August.

2.1 (42.22%) 9 votes