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Canning, George

Born: 1770 AD
Died: 1827 AD
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1770 – Born in Marylebone, London on the 11th of April.

1780 – Stratford Canning was a Whig and would introduce his nephew in the to prominent Whigs such as Charles James Fox, Edmund Burke, and Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

1790 – Canning himself would become considerably more conservative after witnessing the excessive radicalism of the French Revolution.

1791 – Canning began practising Law after receiving his BA from Oxford in the summer.

1795 – On the 2nd of November, Canning received his first ministerial post: Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

1799 – He resigned this post on the 1st of April.

1800 – Canning became a commissioner of the Board of Control, followed by Paymaster of the Forces.

1801 – When Pitt resigned, Canning loyally followed him into opposition and again returned to office with Pitt, becoming Treasurer of the Navy.

1809 – Canning entered into a series of disputes within the government that were to become famous.

1814 – He became the British Ambassador to Portugal, returning the following year.

1816 – He received several further offers of office from Liverpool and he became President of the Board of Control.

1820 – Canning resigned from office once more, in opposition to the treatment of Queen Caroline, estranged wife of the new King George IV.

1827 – Died on the 8th of August, in the very same room where Charles James Fox met his own end, 21 years earlier. To this day Canning’s total period in office remains the shortest of any Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a mere 119 days. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.


2.6 (51.43%) 14 votes