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Born: 1697 AD
Died: 1768 AD
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1697 – Born on the 28th day of October in the Republic of Venice. He was a Venetian artist.


1719 – After returning from Rome this year, he began painting in his famous topographical style.


1723 – His first known signed and dated work is Architectural Capriccio, Milan, in a private collection.


1729 – His early works remain his most coveted and, according to many authorities, his best. One of his finest early pieces is The Stonemason’s Yard in London, the National Gallery which depicts a humble working area of the city.


1730 – Painted "The Grand Canal and the Church of the Salute."


1740 – His market was disrupted when the War of the Austrian Succession led to a reduction in the number of British visitors to Venice.


1746 – He painted "The first Westminster Bridge" this year. Then, He moved to London, to be closer to his market.


1752 – The painting of Northumberland House in London is an example of his work during his residence in England.


1755 – He remained in England until this year, producing views of London including the New Westminster Bridge, and of his patrons’ castles and houses.


1763 – Returned to Venice, he was elected to the Venetian Academy.


1768 – He continued painting until his death on the 19th day of April.




2.7 (53.75%) 16 votes