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Campbell, Joseph

Born: 1904 AD
Died: 1987 AD
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1904 – Born on the 26th of March in White Plains, New York.


1921 – Graduated from the Canterbury School (Connecticut).


He studied biology and mathematics, at Dartmouth College but decided that he preferred the humanities.


1925 – Transferred to Columbia University and received his B.A. in English literature.


1927 – Awarded M.A. in Medieval literature at Columbia University.


        – Received a fellowship provided by Columbia to study in Europe.


1934 – He was offered a position as professor at Sarah Lawrence College.


1938 – Married one of his former students, dancer and dance instructor Jean Erdman.


1949 – Released "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" introduced his idea of the monomyth.


1969 – Wrote "Where the Two Came to Their Father".


        – Wrote an essay Flight of the Wild Gander.


1972 – Authored the Myths To Live By.


        – Retired from Sarah Lawrence College.


1975 – With M. J. Abadie The wrote Mythic Image.


1983 – Authored "The Way of the Animal Powers".


1987 – Died on 31st of October in Honolulu, Hawaii.


3 (59.18%) 49 votes