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Campbell, John Wood Jr. (pseudonym Don A. Stuart)

Born: 1910 AD
Died: 1971 AD, at 61 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Authors, Editors


1910 - Born on June 8th in Newark, New Jersey. American science-fiction writer, considered the father of modern science fiction.

         - He developed Laws of Robotics with Isaac Asimov.

         - He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

1928 - He began writing science fiction at age 18 and quickly sold his first stories.

1930 - His first published story, “When the Atoms Failed”, contained one of the earliest depictions of computers in science.

1931 - At the age of 21 he was a well-known pulp writer of super-science space opera.

         - He married to Dona Stuart.

1932 - Graduated with a physics degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who speculated imaginatively on the physical diversity that extraterrestrials might possess.

1937 - F. Orlin Tremaine hired him as the editor of Astounding.

1938 - He became editor of Astounding Stories of Super Science, and changed the name to Astounding Science Fiction.

         - He established a new standard in maturity and scientific acuracy in science fiction pulp magazine writing.

         - He is credited with creating "The Golden Age of Science Fiction".

1939 - Created the fantasy magazine Unknown (later Unknown Worlds).

         - It featured "hard fantasy" as well as modern horror fiction, such as Fritz Leiber's Conjure Wife, which was filmed as Weird Woman and Night of the Eagle.

1950 - Married to Margaret Peg Winter.

1960 - He changed the name again to Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

1971 - Died of heart ailment on July 11th in Mountainside, New Jersey.

         - Has had two Awards for science fiction writing named after him; The John W. Campbell, Jr., Award and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award.


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