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Campbell, John Archibald

Born: 1811 AD
Died: 1889 AD
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1811 – Born on the 24th of June in Washington, Georgia, his father is Col. Duncan Greene Campbell. American jurist.

1825 – At the age of 14 he graduated from the University of Georgia.

         – Attended West Point Military Academy for three years.

1829 – Admitted to the bar at the age of 18.

1836 – He married Anne Goldthwaite.

         – Elected to the Alabama House of Representatives.

1839 – Moved to Mobile and resumed private practice.

1843 – He was elected again to the state legislature.

1853 – In March, he became Supreme Court justice.

         – He was appointed associate justice of the United States Supreme Court by President Pierce.

1861 – Served as a mediator between William H. Seward, Simon Cameron, and the three Confederate commissioners Martin Crawford, Andre Roman, and John Forsyth Jr.

         – Resigned from the Court on 30th of April and returned to Alabama.

1862 – He was named Assistant Secretary of War by Confederate president Jefferson Davis.

1865 – He was one of the peace commissioners appointed to meet Mr. Lincoln and Seward at Fort Monroe in February.

         – He was arrested and lodged in Fort Pulaski, but was discharged on parole.

1889 – John Archibald Campbell died on 12th of March.

2.9 (57.78%) 27 votes