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Cameron, Simon

Born: 1799 AD
Died: 1889 AD
3.2 (64.29%) 14 votes

1799 – Born on the 8th of March in Maytown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

1816 – Apprenticed to Andrew Kennedy, Editor of "Northumberland County Gazette" Newspaper.

1821 – Editor of the "Bucks County Messenger" Newspaper, of Doylestown, Pa.

1821 – Partnered with Publisher of "Doylestown Democrat" and merged both Newspapers to form "Bucks County Democrat."

1822 – Moved to Washington, D.C., and studied political movements while journeyman printer for the printing firm of Gales and Seaton.

1822-1829 – Served as State Printer of Pennsylvania.

1823 – Returned to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as Managing Partner of "Pennsylvania Intelligencer" Newspaper.

1824 – Purchased and ran Newspaper, "The Republican."


1826 – Began building one or two sections of Canal between Sunbury and Harrisburg, Pa.

1826 – Became the State Adjutant General.

1831 – Awarded contract for Canal to be built from New Orleans to Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.

1832 – Founded the Bank of Middletown and engaged in other business enterprises.


1838 – Appointed as Commissioner to settle claims of the Winnebago Indians.


1844 – Elected to the Senate to replace James Buchanan.


1860 – Nominated Pennsylvania candidate for President by newly formed Republican Party.

1861 –  Appointed Secretary of War by Abraham Lincoln.

1862 – Resigned early to distance Mr. Lincoln from allegations of scandal and was succeeded by Edwin M. Stanton.

1862 – Appointed Minister or Ambassador to Russia by Abraham Lincoln.

1866-1877 – Cameron was again elected to the Senate.


1876 – He resigned and was replace by his son James Donald Cameron.


1889 – Retired to his farm at Donegal Springs near Maytown, Pennsylvania where he died on 26th of June at 90 years of age. 



3.2 (64.29%) 14 votes