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Calvino, Italo

Born: 1923 AD
Died: 1985 AD
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1923 – Italo Calvino was born 15th of October in Santiago de Las Vegas, Cuba.


1941 – Moved to Turin, after a long hesitation over living there or in Milan.


1943 – Joined the Partisans in the Italian Resistance, in the Garibaldi brigade, with the battlename of Santiago, and with Scalfari he created the MUL (liberal universitarian movement).


1947 – Graduated from Turin’s university with a thesis on Joseph Conrad and started working with the official Communist paper L’Unità.


1950 – Worked again for the Einaudi house as responsible for the literary volumes.


1952 – Wrote with Giorgio Bassani for Botteghe Oscure, a magazine named after the popular name of the party’s head-offices, and worked for Il Contemporaneo, a Marxist weekly.


1957 – He left the Communist party, and his letter of resignation and was published in L’Unità.


1960-1983 – Wrote trilogy "Our Ancestors", novels "Invisible Cities" 1975, "If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler" 1981, "Palomar" 1983.


Became a co-editor of Il Menabò di letteratura.


1973 – Wrote novels for Playboy’s Italian edition. He became a regular contributor to the important Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.


1975 – Honorary Member of the American Academy.


1976 – Awarded the Austrian State Prize for European Literature.


1981 – Received the prestigious French Légion d’Honneur.


1985 – He died 19th of September of a cerebral hemorrhage.





3.2 (63.83%) 47 votes