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Calvert, Leonard

Born: 1606 AD
Died: 1647 AD
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1606 – Leonard Calvert was born this year. He was the son of George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore.

1634 – He was appointed Maryland province first governor.

1635 – He attempted to govern the country in an absolutist way but he had to summon a colonial assembly.

1638 – Calvert seized a trading post in Kent Island established by the Virginian William Claiborne.

1643 – Governor Calvert went to England to discuss policies with the proprietor.

1644 – He returned to Maryland with his wife and child, but was soon forced to flee to Virginia.

1646 – He became head of armed force and reasserted proprietarily rule.

1647 – In the summer pf this year Leonard Calvert died of an illness.

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