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Callistus II

Born: 10XX AD
Died: 1124 AD
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         – He was born Guido of Vienne, the son of William I, Count of Burgundy.

         – He was a member of the highest aristocracy.

1088 – He became the Archbishop of Vienne. He held strong pro-Papal views about the Investiture Controversy.
1099 – He was appointed papal legate in France by Pope Paschal.

         – Guido, with kin both in Burgundy and the Franche Comté, that is within the Emperor’s jurisdiction and bordering it, led the pro-Papal opposition at the synod called at the Lateran.

         – These decrees were sent to Paschal II with a request for confirmation, which they received, in general terms, for Paschal II had proved loath to take this step.

1118 – Guido was apparently made cardinal by Paschal II, who died January 21.

1124 – Calixtus II died on the 13th of December.

2.9 (58%) 10 votes