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Callistus I (Saint Callixtus I)

Born: 1XX AD
Died: 222? AD.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes, Saint, Slave


         - His contemporary and enemy, the author of Philosophumena (probably Hippolytus of Rome) relates that when Callixtus, as a young slave was put in charge of a bank by his master, Carpophorus, he lost the money deposited by other Christians. Callixtus then fled from Rome, but was caught near Portus.

199 BC - 217 BC - Callixtus was the deacon to whom Pope Zephyrinus entrusted the burial chambers along the Appian Way.

Callixtus was honored as a martyr in Todi, Italy, on August 14th. He was buried in the cemetery of Calepodius on the Aurelian Way and his anniversary is given by the 4th-century Depositio Martirum (Callisti in viâ Aureliâ miliario III) and by the subsequent martyrologies on the 14th October.

         - He was martyred for his Christian faith and is a canonized saint of the Roman Catholic Church.


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