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Born: 3XX0 AD
Died: 3550 AD
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         – He supported Spartan interests at Athens, recognizing that Thebes posed a greater threat to Athens.

371 BC – He was one of the crafters of the Peace of Callias, which recognized the hegemony of Athens on the sea and that of Sparta on land.

361 BC – On account of the refusal of the Thebans to surrender Oropus, which on his advice they had been allowed to occupy temporarily, Callistratus, despite his magnificent defence (which so impressed Demosthenes that he resolved to study oratory), was condemned to death.

         – He fled to Methone in Macedonia, where he was accommodated by King Perdiccas III who drew on his financial expertise. Later, he founded the city of Krenides or Daton with a group of colonists from Thasos.

         – After the takeover of the area by Philip II of Macedon, he took refuge in Byzantium.

355 BC – Upon his return to Athens he was executed.

3.2 (64%) 15 votes