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Calisher, Hortense

Born: 1911 AD
Currently alive, at 107 years of age.
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1911 – Born on December 20th in New York, New York. American writer of novels, novellas, and short stories, known for the elegant style and insightful rendering of characters in her often semiautobiographical short fiction, much of which was published originally in The New Yorker.

1932 – She graduated from Barnard College and later taught there as an adjunct professor of English.

1961-1969 – Her first novel, False Entry, contains characters who are reintroduced in a radically different setting in The New Yorkers, in which a 12-year-old girl kills her father’s unfaithful wife.

1972 – Her autobiography, Herself, was published.

1975 – Her short-story collections In the Absence of Angels and The Collected Stories of Hortense Calisher, a compilation of previous collections, contain stories featuring Calisher’s alter ego, Hester Elkins, a Jewish child living in New York City with her extended family.

1985 – Her collected fiction includes Tale for the Mirror: A Novella and Other Stories, Extreme Magic: A Novella and Other Stories, and Saratoga, Hot.

1993 – Calisher’s other novels include Queenie, On Keeping Women, Mysteries of Motion, Age, and In the Palace of the Movie King.

2004 – Wrote the books: "In the Absence of Angels", "False Entry", "Tales for the Mirror", "Textures of Life", "Extreme Magic", "Journey from Ellipsia", "The Railway Police, and The Last Trolley Ride", "The New Yorkers", "Standard Dreaming", "Eagle Eye", "Queenie", "The Collected Stories of Hortense Calisher", "On Keeping Women", "Mysteries of Motion", "Saratoga Hot", "The Bobby-Soxer", "Age", "Kissing Cousins: A Memory", "The Small Bang" (under the pseudonym of Jack Fenno), "In the Palace of the Movie King", "In the Slammer with Carol Smith", "Sunday Jews", and "Tattoo for a Slave".

2.8 (55.63%) 32 votes