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Calderon de la Barca, Pedro

Born: 1600 AD
Died: 1681 AD
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1600 – Born in Madrid, Spain, on the 17th of January.


Educated at the Jesuit College in Madrid, the Colegio Imperial.


1620-1622 – Calderón competed with success in a series of poetry competitions held in honour of St Isidore at Madrid.


1623 – His debut as a playwright was with Amor, honor y poder, performed on the 29th of June.


       – Followed by two other plays, La selva confusa and Los Macabeos.


1640 – On 28th of May, he joined a company of mounted cuirassiers.


1642 – Because of his health problem, he retired from the army in November.


1645 – He was awarded a special military pension in recognition of his services in the field.


Wrote plays "Life is a Dream" (also "La Vida es Sueno").


1681 – Pedro Calderón de la Barca died on 25th of May.




2.6 (51.43%) 21 votes