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Cairnes, John Elliott

Born: 1823 AD
Died: 1875 AD
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1823 – He was born at Castlebellingham, County Louth, Ireland, on the 26th of December.

1848 – He finished the B.A degree at Trinity College, Dublin.

1856 – Cairnes received the appointment for the vacancy in the chair of political economy at Dublin.

1857 – He appeared his book with the title Character and Logical Method of Political Economy.

1861 – He was appointed to the professorship of jurisprudence and political economy in Queens College Galway.

1862 – He published his admirable work The Slave Power, one of the finest specimens of applied economical philosophy.

1866 – He was appointed professor of political economy in University College,

1872 – He resigned his post, and retired with the honorary title of professor emeritus of political economy.

1873 – His own university conferred on him the degree of LL.D.

1875 – He died at Blackheath, near London, on the 8th of July.

3 (59.6%) 99 votes