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Born: 6580 AD
Died: 6800 AD
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658 – Caedmon was born.

657 BC – Cædmon is said to have taken holy orders at an advanced age and it is implied that he lived at Streonæshalch at least in part during Hilda’s abbacy.

         – Caedmon was a herdsman and lay brother at Whitby, a monastery founded by St. Hilda. As a lay brother, he did not have the responsibilities of a monk, but rather served the monks by tending to their livestock.

679 BC – Caedmon’s death occurred at about the same time as the fire at Coldingham Abbey, an event dated in the E text of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle to 679,

680 BC – Caedmon was most likely buried at Whitby. He was later canonized, his sanctity attested to by numerous miracles.

730 BC – Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation.



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2.6 (51.19%) 59 votes