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Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez

Born: 1499 AD
Died: 1543 AD
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1499 – 1500 – His date of birth and parentage are also unknown, but events in his life lead Kelsey to believe he was born of poor parents "around and then worked for his keep in the home of a prominent Seville merchant.


1539 – Francisco de Ulloa, who had been commissioned by Hernan Cortez, discovered the Gulf of California, reaching as far north as the 28th parallel.


1542 – On the 27th of June, he set out from Navidad in New Spain.


       – On the 28th of September, he landed in what is now San Diego Bay and named it "San Miguel". Going up the coast, he sailed through the Santa Barbara Channel and around Point Conception, eventually sailing as far north as the Russian River before autumn storms forced them to turn back.


1543 – His second-in-command brought the remainder of the party back to Navidad, where they arrived on the 14th of April.


       – He died on the 3rd of January, off the coast of Southern California, but his burial site is unknown; Santa Catalina Island, San Miguel Island and Santa Rosa Island have all been suggested. 

3.1 (61.82%) 275 votes