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Cabot, John

Born: 1450 AD
Died: 1499 AD
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1450? – He was born on this year at Genoa, Italy.


1461 – He was living in Venice on this year, where he became a citizen.


1482 – He married a Venetian woman on this year and they had three sons.


1490 – He and his family moved to Valencia in Spain on this year. He wanted to be part of an expanding frontier of exploration, the Atlantic Ocean. The leaders in this enterprise were the Portuguese, and the Spanish were interested.


1494 – He turned to England on this year – to the merchants of the port of Bristol, where he settled with his family, and to the king, Henry VII. His plan was to reach Asia by sailing west across the north Atlantic which he thought that it would be shorter than Columbus route to the south.



2.5 (49.89%) 182 votes