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Cabell, William Henry

Born: 1772 AD
Died: 1853 AD
2.2 (44.27%) 103 votes

1772 – He was born on the 16th of December in Cumberland County, Virginia.          

– He studied under private teachers and later attended Hampden-Sydney College.


1793 – Graduated from College of William and Mary.


1794 – Went to Richmond to complete the study of law and was licensed there on the 13th of June.         

– He began practice in July, the started his career as a lawyer and entered the politics.         

– He was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates and a Presidential elector.


1805-1808 – He was elected as Governor of Virginia.


1808 – In December, he was elected as a judge of the genera1 court.


1811-1831 – He was elected to the Court of Appeals on 21st of March.


1842-1851 – He was elected agian to the new court, where he became president on the 18th of January.


1853 – He died on 12th of January, in Richmond, Virginia and was there interred in Shockhoe Cemetery.


2.2 (44.27%) 103 votes