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Caamano, Jose Maria Placido

Born: 1838 AD
Died: 1901 AD
2.3 (46.56%) 128 votes

1838 – José Maria Plácido Caamaño was born on the 5th of October in Guayaquil.

He began the study of law and theology in the seminary of his native City, and was educated in Quito.

1882 – Caamaño was banished, went to Lima, organized a revolutionary expedition.

1883 – Elected as President of Ecuador on 23rd of November.

       – He left Callao on 14th of April, and landed in Ecuadorian territory three days afterward.

       – Organized a division and joined the forces that were besieging Guayaquil about the middle of May.

1884 – A provisional government was appointed until the national convention.

       – On 11th of October he was elected president ad interim.

       – Proclaimed president of the republic on 17th of February.

1886 – An attempt was made to assassinate him, and he escaped death by throwing himself into a river.

1889-1890 – Became the Ecuadorian ambassador to US.

1901 – Caamaño died this year.

2.3 (46.56%) 128 votes