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Buyantu Khan

Born: 1285 AD
Died: 1320 AD
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1208 – Buyantu Khan was born.

1299 – He was sent to Mongolia to assume an army that defended the western front of the ulus against Kaidu and other princes of Central Asia under him.

1301 – He defeated Kaidu, who died from a battle wound.

1306 – He forced Melig Temür to accept a surrender in the Altai Mountains. For these military achievements he gained a high reputation among Mongol princes and non-Mongol corps.

1307 – When Temür Khan died, he returned eastward to Khara Khorum and watched the situation. Temür’s widow Bulghan of the Bayaud tribe had kept away the Khunggirad-mothered brothers of Khayishan and Ayurbarwada and attempted to set up Ananda, a cousin of Temür.

1320 – He died on the 1st of March.

2.5 (50%) 12 votes