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Button, Richard Totten

Born: 1929 AD
Currently alive, at 89 years of age.
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1929 – He was born on the 18th of July in Englewood, New Jersey.

1943 – His first competition, the Eastern States Novice Championship, he placed second behind Jean Pierre Brunet.

1944 – He won the Eastern States Junior title which earned him the opportunity to compete at the National Novice Championships.

1945 – His third year of serious skating, he won the Eastern States Senior title and the national Junior title. At this time, he was also skating pairs, and competed with Barbara Jones in Junior Pairs at the 1946 Eastern States Championships.

1946 –  Button also competed as a single skater, led into the United States Figure Skating Championships.

         – Button won the U.S. Championships at age 16, winning by a unanimous vote. According to Button, this was the first time anyone had won the men’s novice, junior, and senior titles successively.

1949 – Button won the Sullivan Award as the outstanding amateur athlete in the United States.

1952 – Button was a full-time student at Harvard while skating competitively and graduated.

1976 – Button was inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame, the year it was founded.

1981 – He won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sports Personality.

         – Button suffered a serious head injury on July 5, when he was one of several men randomly assaulted in Central Park by a gang of youths armed with baseball bats and tree branches in a gay bashing incident.

2.7 (53.85%) 26 votes