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Buttigieg, Anton

Born: 1912 AD
Died: 1983 AD
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1912 – Anton Buttigieg was born in Qala, Gozo, on the 19th of February.

1916 – He was educated at the Government Primary School, Qala.

1923-1927 – He was educated the Gozo Seminary.

1928-1930 – He was educated St Aloysius’ College Malta.

1934-1940 – He graduated Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Laws.

1942-1944 – During the World War II, he served in the Police Force as Inspector and thereafter he practised Law.

1955 – He also served as an acting Magistrate.

1946-1848 – He was the Law reporter and leader writer of the "Times of Malta".

1959 – He was the Editor of "The Voice of Malta".

         – He embarked on a political career and was first elected to the House of Representatives of Malta in the Labour Party interest.

         – He was President of the Malta Labour Party, he served his country as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

         – He was a delegate to the Malta Constitutional Conferences held in London.

1967 – He was also a representative to the Consultative Assembly in the Council of Europe.

         – He was elected Vice-President.

1976 – In October, he resigned from the House of Representatives.

         – On the 27th of December, he was elected as the second President of Malta.

1983 – He died on the 5th of May.

3 (60%) 21 votes