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Stuart, John (3rd Earl of Bute; Lord Mount Stuart)

Born: 1713 AD
Died: 1792 AD, at 78 years of age.

Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Politician


1713 - Born on May 25th in Edinburgh, Scotland. Scottish nobleman and politician.

1723 - Succeeding to his father's earldom, he remained aloof from politics.

         - He was educated at Eton and succeeded to the earldom on his father's death.

1737 - He was elected a representative peer for Scotland but not in the following parliaments, and appears not to have spoken in debate.

1738 - He was made a knight of the Thistle, and for several years lived in retirement in Bute, engaged in agricultural and botanical pursuits.

1756 - He was appointed groom of the stole at Leicester House, in spite of the king's pronounced aversion to him.

1761 - He became a favourite of George III, who made him one of the principal secretaries of state.

1762 - He served as the Prime Minster of Great Britain.

         - As prime minister, he negotiated the peace ending the Seven Years' War with France, but he failed to create a stable administration.

1766 - He spoke against the government on the American question in February, and in March against the repeal of the Stamp Act.

1768 - His life was chiefly spent in the country, where he engaged in scientific study.

         - He was again elected a representative peer for Scotland, but took no further part in politics.

1775 - He took part in the negotiations between Leicester House and Pitt, directed against the duke of Newcastle.

1792 - Died on March 10th in London, England.


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