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Bushnell, David

Born: 1742 AD
Died: 1824 AD
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1742 – Born this year in Saybrook, Connecticut.

1775 – Credited for creating the first submarine ever used in combat, know as the American Turtle. His idea of using water as ballast for submerging and raising his submarine is still in use today, as is the screw propeller, which was first used in the American Turtle. He also graduated in Yale this year.

1775 – He came up with a mine barrage this year when he was able to prove that gunpowder exploded under water.

1776 – He also invented the first time bomb. He combined his ideas in an attempt to attack the British ships which were blocking the New York Harbor in the summer of this year. His plan was to bore through the hulls of the ships and implanting time bombs. His attempt failed every time due to a metal lining in the ships hull to protect against parasites in their previous station, the Caribbean.

1777 – He attacked the frigate "Cerberus" at anchor off New London, by blowing up a schooner astern of the frigate killing several men on board. This was the first vessel ever destroyed in such a manner. Mr. Bushnell invented several other machines for the annoyance of the British shipping.

1778 – In January of this year, he sent a fleet of kegs down the Delaware, to destroy the British ships that held possession of the river, against which fire-ships had been ineffectually employed. They were left at too great a distance from the shipping, and were dispersed by the ice at night. On the following day, it exploded and blew up a boat, making no little alarm to the British seamen.

         – Mr. Bushnell served continuously during the war, attaining the rank of captain in the corps of sappers and miners, and was on duty at New York, Hudson Highlands, Philadelphia, Yorktown, and elsewhere.

         – He went to France, and was supposed to have died there, but he appeared to have been subsequently at the head of one of the most important schools in Georgia, after which he settled in Warrenton, where he practiced medicine as Dr. Bush.

1842 – Died in Warrenton, Georgia this year.

2.8 (55%) 8 votes