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Bush, Neil Mallon

Born: 1955 AD
Currently alive, at 63 years of age.
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1955 – Born on January 22nd in Midland, Texas and named after his grandfather’s Yale buddy Neil Mallon, the corporate CEO who gave George H.W. Bush his first job in the Texas oil business.

         – Neil Mallon Bush is the third son of George and Barbara Bush and the younger brother of president George W. Bush.

1979 – He graduated, then went to Tulane University, where he received a degree in international economics and an MBA.

1980 – Married to Sharon Smith.

1982 – Neil and two co-workers quit and formed an oil exploration company, JNB Exploration.

1983 – Neil formed JNB Exploration with an investment of $100.  He was named president of this oil company that eventually drilled 30 wells but never struck any oil.

1985 – Neil was also a director of Silverado Banking Savings and Loan in Denver, Colorado.

1988 – He was a director of Colorado’s Silverado Savings and Loan, when the bank failed, costing the federal government $1 billion and becoming a much-publicized part of the savings and loan crisis.

1990 – He appeared before the House Banking Committee, he admitted that some of his deals looked "a little fishy".

         – Federal regulators filed a $200-million lawsuit against Neil and other officers of Silverado Banking.

         – Neil was reprimanded by the U.S. Office of Thrift Supervision for "multiple conflicts of interest" and ordered to pay $50,000.

2002 – Bush signed a consulting contract with Grace Semiconductor — a Shanghai-based company managed in part by the son of former Chinese president Jiang Zemin. Bush’s contractual duties consist solely of attending board meetings and discussing "business strategies".

2004 – Married to Maria Andrews on March 6th in Houston.

2.7 (53.33%) 57 votes