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Burton, Tim

Born: 1958 AD
Currently alive, at 60 years of age.
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1958 – Timothy William Burton born on the 25th of August in Burbank, California, the first of two sons to Bill Burton and Jean Erickson. Burton described his childhood self as quirky, self-absorbed, and highly imaginative. An Academy Award-nominated American film director, writer and designer known for his off-beat and quirky style.


1982 – Made his first short, Vincent, a six-minute stop-motion film about a young boy who fantasizes that he is his (and Burton’s) screen idol Vincent Price, with Price himself providing narration.


1989 – Married Lena Gieseke, a German artist. They divorced shortly after the filming of Batman Returns.


1990 – Co-wrote (with Caroline Thompson) and directed Edward Scissorhands, re-uniting with Winona Ryder from the "Beetlejuice" days. Johnny Depp, a teen idol due primarily to his work on the hit TV series 21 Jump Street, was cast in the title role of Edward, who was the creation of an eccentric and old fashioned inventor (played by Vincent Price, in his last appearance on screen before his death).


1992 – 2001 – Engaged to Lisa Marie.


1993 – Wrote and produced (but did not direct, due to schedule constraints) The Nightmare Before Christmas, originally meant to be a children’s book in rhyme.


1994 – His next film, Ed Wood, was of a much smaller scale, depicting the life of Ed Wood Jr., a filmmaker sometimes called "the worst director of all time."


2001 – Currently engaged to Helena Bonham Carter and lives in London.


2003 – A son, Billy-Ray Burton to Helena, born in October. Helena Boham Carter has appeared in all of Burton’s subsequent films. They live in separate houses with a hallway that connects the two homes.

3.1 (61.7%) 47 votes