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Burpee, Washington Atlee

Born: 1858 AD
Died: 1915 AD
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1858 – Atlee was born in New Brunswick, Canada.

1876 – An 18-year-old Atlee started a mail-order chicken business out of the family home with $1,000 loaned to him by his mother and a partner.

1878 – Burpee dropped his partner and founded W. Atlee Burpee & Company.

1909 – Burpee established Floradale Farms in Lompoc, California, to test sweet peas, and Sunnybrook Farms near Swedesboro, New Jersey, to test tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and squashes.

1915 – At Atlee’s death, the company had 300 employees, and it was the largest seed company in the world.

3 (59.38%) 32 votes