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Burnham, Sherburne Wesley

Born: 1838 AD
Died: 1921 AD
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1838 – He was born on the 12th of December.

         – He served as a military stenographer in the Union Army in the Civil War.

1873–1874 – He produced a catalog of double stars.

         – He became a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

         – He continued to identify double stars and later published the General Catalogue of 1290 Double Stars.

         – He later increased this number to 13,665 double stars.

         – Burnham discovered the first example of, what would be called a-half century later, a Herbig-Haro object: Burnham’s Nebula (now labeled as HH255).

1894 – He received the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society.

1921 – He died on the 11th of March.

2.7 (54.67%) 15 votes