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Buritt, Elihu

Born: 1810 AD
Died: 1879 AD
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1810 – Born on December 8th in New Britain, Connecticut. American crusader for peace and a code of international law.

1826 – At sixteen he was apprenticed to a blacksmith, and he made this his trade both there and at Worcester, Massachusetts.

1828 – He supported the plan of William Ladd, founder of the American Peace Society, for a congress of nations to formulate international law and for a court of nations to interpret that law.

1840 – He mastered Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian and German, and by the age of thirty could read nearly fifty languages.

1848 – He organized peace congresses in Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt am Main, London, and other cities.

         – He wrote, for insertion in European newspapers, a succession of single pages called Olive Leaves, presenting pacifist arguments with emphasis on an international law code.

1865 – He was U.S. consul at Birmingham.

1873 – Among his much-read books were Sparks from the Anvil and Ten Minute Talks.

1879 – Died on March 6th in New Britain.

2.6 (52.22%) 18 votes