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Buridan, Jean

Born: 1300 AD
Died: 1358 AD

1300 – Born probably at Béthune, France. French philosopher, logician, and scientific theorist in optics and mechanics.

         – Studied under William of Ockham and became a professor at the University of Paris.

1328 – Buridan was appointed professor of philosophy there. He served as university rector.

1340 – He condemned Ockham’s views, an act that is sometimes called the first seed of theological skepticism.

1358 – Jean Buridan died.

1474-1481 – Buridan’s own works were condemned and placed on the Index of Forbidden Books by partisans of Ockham.

1487-1493 –  In logic, he explicated doctrines of Aristotle, Ockham, and Peter of Spain. In addition to commentaries on Aristotle’s Organon, Physics, De anima, Metaphysics, and Economics, his works include Summula de dialecta and Consequentie.