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Burgers, Thomas Francois

Born: 1834 AD
Died: 1881 AD
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1834 – Born on April 15th near Graaff-Reinet, Cape Colony (South Africa). The theologian and controversial president of the Transvaal.

1859 – Burgers returned to Cape Colony, where he became the minister of the Dutch Reformed Church in Hanover.

1871 – Burgers’ eloquence and culture recommended him to influential Transvaalers seeking a successor to President Marthinus W. Pretorius, who had resigned.

1872 – Elected by a large majority, Burgers took office in July, but his sophisticated ideas in government, education, and religion soon antagonized the Boers.

1875 – To further his scheme to link the Transvaal by rail to Delagoa Bay, on the Indian Ocean, he traveled to Europe to raise money.

1877 – He allowed the British to annex the republic.

         – Transvaal was annexed by a British government anxious to promote federation in South Africa.

         – After delivering a feeble protest, a dispirited Burgers surrendered the republic to Sir Theophilus Shepstone and his annexing force of 25 policemen representing the British crown.

1881 – Died on December 9th in Richmond, Transvaal.

2 (40%) 7 votes