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Burger, Gottfried August

Born: 1748 AD
Died: 1794 AD
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1748 – Born on January 1st in Molmerswende near Halberstadt. German poet who was one of the founders of German Romantic ballad literature whose style reflects the renewed interest in folk song (Volkspoesie) in Europe.

1773 – Bürger published the bizarre ballad “Lenore,” a spectral romance in which a ghostly rider, posing as Lenore’s dead lover, carries her away on a macabre night ride through an eerie landscape illuminated by flashes of lightning.

1774 – He married Dorette Leonhard but soon fell passionately in love with her sister, the “Molly” of his sonnets.

1789 – He was appointed extraordinary professor at Göttingen, though without a stipend, leaving him in poverty for the remainder of his life.

         – Bürger also did translations from the English, rendering an influential collection of English and Scottish traditional ballads, Thomas Percy’s Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, into German.

1794 – Died on June 8th in Göttingen, Hanover.

3.1 (61.21%) 33 votes