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Born: 12XX AD
Died: 1307 AD
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         – She was born as Princess Bulukhan of the Baya’ud tribe.

1298 – Her husband Emperor Chengzong of Yuan (Temür Khan) ruled.

1307 – When Temür Khan died, Bulugan kept away the Khunggirad-mothered brothers of Khayishan and Ayurbarwada and attempted to set up Ananda, a cousin of Temür.

         – The Khunggirad faction arrested Ananda and Bulghan by coup and recalled Ayurbarwada and Dagi from Henan. Then Khayishan decided to hold the coronation ceremony in Shangdu just as his great-grandfather Khubilai Khan did, and advanced southward with the most part of his army.

         – He was welcomed by Ayurbarwada, who gave up khanship, and ascended to the throne. He had executed Ananda and Bulghan before succession.

2.2 (43.53%) 17 votes