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Buhari, Muhammadu

Born: 1942 AD
Currently alive, at 76 years of age.
2.4 (47.29%) 85 votes

1942 – Born on the 17th of December in Katsina state, Nigeria.

1983 – Major-General Buhari and Major-General Tunde Idiagbon were selected to lead the country by middle and high-ranking military officers after a successful military coup d’etat that overthrew civilian President Shehu Shagari on December.

1985 – Buhari was himself overthrown in a coup led by General Ibrahim Babangida on August 27th, and other members of the ruling Supreme Military Council (SMC) ostensibly, because he insisted on investigating allegations of fraudulent award of contracts in the Ministry of Defence (Please refer to Gen. Chris Alli’s memoir – The Republic of Nigerian Army).

2003 – Buhari contested the Presidential election as the candidate of the All Nigeria People’s Party.

2006 – On 18th December, Gen. Buhari was nominated as the consensus candidate of the All Nigeria People’s Party.

2007 – His main challenger in the April polls was the ruling PDP candidate, Umaru Yar’Adua, who is also from the same state – Katsina.

2.4 (47.29%) 85 votes