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Bugge, Elseus Sophus

Born: 1833 AD
Died: 1907 AD
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1833 – Born on the 5th of January in Laurvik, Norway. He was a Norwegian philologist, known for his work on the runic alphabet and the Eddas.

       – He was educated at Christiania, Copenhagen and Berlin.

1858-1901 – His writings also include Gamle Norske Folkeviser, a collection of Old Norse folk-songs; Bidrag til den aeldste skaldedigtnings historie (Christiania); Helge-digtene i den Aeldre Edda (Copenhagen, , Eng. trans., The Home of the Eddic Poems); Norsk Sagafortaelling op Sagaskrivning i Island (Christiania), and various books on Runic inscriptions.

1866 – He became professor of comparative philology and Old Norse at Christiania University.

       – He made considerable contributions to the study of the Celtic, Romance, Oscan, Umbrian and Etruscan languages.

1867 – He was the author of a very large number of books on philology and folklore. His principal work, a critical edition of the elder Edda (Norroen Fornkvoedi), was published at Christiania.

       – He maintained that the songs of the Edda and the earlier sagas were largely founded on Christian and Latin tradition imported into Scandinavian literature by way of England.

1907 – He died on the 8th of July.

2.7 (53.68%) 19 votes