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Buffett, Warren Edward (the Oracle of Omaha)

Born: 1930 AD
Currently alive, at 85 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Entrepreneurs


1930 - Born on August 30th in Omaha, Nebraska. American financier and investment businessman.

1941 - Warren Buffett always found numbers fascinating, and bought his first stocks at age 11 -- three shares in Cities Service Company, now known as CITGO.

1944 - He also sold soda pop door-to-door, had a paper route, and saved enough from those earnings to buy 40 acres in Nebraska at age 14.

1947 - Warren Buffett graduated from High School.

1950 - Warren built his personal capital up to $140,000 from a mere $9,800.

1952 - Married to Susan Thompson, a nightclub singer.

1956 - Warren Buffett rounded up seven limited partners which included his Sister Doris and Aunt Alice, raising $105,000 in the process.

1965 - Buffett's role at Berkshire Hathaway had actually been somewhat defined years earlier. After accumulating 49% of the common stock, Warren named himself Director.

1967 - Warren asked National Indemnity's founder and controlling shareholder Jack Ringwalt to his office.

1970 - Buffett named himself Chairman of the Board of Berkshire Hathaway and for the first time, wrote the letter to the shareholders.

1981 - Berkshire announced a new charity plan which was thought up by Munger and approved by Warren.

1988 - He started buying up Coca-Cola stock like an addict. His old neighbor, now the President of Coca-Cola, noticed someone was loading up on shares and became concerned.

1989 - Berkshire Hathaway was trading at $8,000 a share. Buffett was now, personally, worth more than $3.8 billion dollars.

1999 - Berkshire reported a net increase of 0.5% per share, several newspapers ran stories about the demise of the Oracle. Confident that the technology bubble would burst, Warren Buffett continued to do what he did best: allocate capital into great businesses that were selling below intrinsic value. His efforts did not go unrewarded.

2006 - Married to Astrid Menks on August 30th.


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