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Buckle, Henry Thomas

Born: 1821 AD
Died: 1862 AD
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1821 – He was born at Lee in Kent on the 24th of November.

1840-1844 – He travelled with his mother on the continent.

         – He had by then resolved to direct all his reading and to devote all his energies to the preparation of some great historical work. Over the next seventeen years, he is said to have spent ten hours a day on it.

1851 – At first he planned a history of the Middle Ages, he had decided in favour of a history of civilization.

1858 – On the 19th of March, he delivered a public lecture at the Royal Institution (the only one he ever gave) on the Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge, which was published in Fraser’s Magazine for April  and reprinted in the first volume of the Miscellaneous and Posthumous Works.

1859 – On the 1st of April, his mother died. It was under the immediate impression of his loss that he concluded a review he was writing of John Stuart Mill’s Essay on Liberty with an argument for immortality, based on the yearning of the affections to regain communion with the beloved dead on the impossibility of standing up and living, if we believed the separation were final.

1861 – He spent the winter in Egypt, from which he went over the deserts of Sinai and of Edom to Syria.

1862 – He died on the 29th of May at Damascus.

2.9 (58.75%) 16 votes