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Buchanan, George

Born: 1506 AD
Died: 1582 AD
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1509 – George Buchanan was born in February.

1520 – He was sent by his uncle, James Heriot, to the University of Paris, where, according to him, he devoted himself to the writing of verses "partly by liking, partly by compulsion.

1522 – His uncle died, and Buchanan was unable to continue longer in Paris;

1525 – He entered the University of St Andrews, where he graduated B.A.

1526 – He had gone there chiefly for the purpose of attending the celebrated John Mair’s lectures on logic; and when that teacher moved to Paris, Buchanan.

1527-1528 – He graduated B.A., and M.A. at Paris. Next year he was appointed regent, or professor, in the College of Sainte-Barbe, and taught there for over three years.

1529 – He was elected "Procurator of the German Nation" in the University of Paris, and was re-elected four times in four successive months.

1531 – He resigned his regentship.

1532 – Became tutor to Gilbert Kennedy, 3rd Earl of Cassilis,

1537 – He returned to Scotland.

1542-1543 – He returned to Paris.

1544 – Was appointed regent in the college of Cardinal le Moine.

1547 – Buchanan joined the band of French and Portuguese humanists who had been invited by Gouvéa to lecture in the Portuguese University of Coimbra.

1551 – He was sentenced to abjure his errors, and to be imprisoned in the monastery of São Bento in Lisbon.

1553 – He was appointed regent in the College of Boncourt.

         – He listened with interest to the arguments of the Reformers, he did not join their ranks.

1560-1561 – He returned to Scotland.

1562 – Was installed as tutor to the young Queen Mary I of Scotland, who read Livy with him daily.

1563 – He had sat in the assemblies.

1567 – He was made Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

1582 – Died on the 28th of September.

1.9 (37.78%) 9 votes