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Buber, Martin

Born: 1878 AD
Died: 1965 AD
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1878 – Born on February 8th in Vienna, Austria. A philosopher, story teller and pedagogue.

1901 – Married to Paula Winkler.

         – Imbued with the philosophy of Zionism, Buber began to edit the Zionist weekly publication, Die Welt (The World).

1913-1952 – Author of the books, Daniel: Gespräche von der Verwirklichung, Reden über das Judentum, Ich und Du, Chassidischen Bücher, Paths in Utopia, Zwei Glaubensweisen and Sihot Lohamin.

         – After Hitler’s rise to power, he became director of the Central Office for Jewish Adult Education, which became an increasingly significant position after Jews were prohibited from attending public schools.

         – He immigrated to Palestine, where he taught social philosophy at the Hebrew University and served as leader of Ihud, a movement which advocated Arab-Jewish cooperation in a bi-national state.

1965 – Died on June 13th in Jerusalem, Israel.

3.1 (61%) 20 votes